Play scenario
1. The three wise men
Balthasar, Caspar and Melchior, the three wise men are marveling the world. It is the dawn of humankind, without borders.

2. The world is a gameboard
The first quarrel erupts when Melchior names a star himself. Discontent arises and history begins. Suddenly the universe throws its dice and the men are sent to to different countries and given new names. They are Bashshar, Ibrahim and Merzad.

3. What is happening?
The men tell about and demonstrate the history on war and conflict in their countries, Irak, Afganistan and Syria and their personal stories of leaving their home.

4. The camp
The men are in a refugee camp. Merzad is very distressed. The others try to cheer him up. They all have left their loved ones behind.

5. Aid convoy
There is clean water in the camp, but not much. Fighter airplanes are flying nearby and the camp has to be evacuated. An aid worker gives his watch to Merzad as a token of support and encouragement.

6. Traveling
The men are traveling to a new destination.

7. The beach at Turkey
The men are standing on a beach at Turkey, waiting for the boat trip to Greece. Barshshar is afraid of the sea. Merzad is trying to ease his fear. Ibrahim collects the money for the payment of the trip and as the night falls, they hurry to the boats.


8. Sunrise in Greece
Ibrahim and Merzad are looking for Bashshar at the beach in Greece. They find a dead body. It is Bashshar.

9. Traveling in Europe
Merzad and Ibrahim travel through Europe, there is a general refugee crisis and hot emotions for and against the migrants.

10. A refugee reception centre in Germany
Merzad is having a dream. When he awakens, Ibrahim tells he has found an ideal country in the internet: Finland. There is possibilities for education and a lot of unhabited space. They agree to travel there. Ibrahim warns the weather might be rather cold.

11. Finnish border station at Tornio
It’s winter, cold and dark. Ibrahim and Merzad are at the border station trying to communicate with a rather stiff police officer. Merzad sees the northern lights for the first time. There are also some anti-refugee demonstrators nearby.

12. A refugee reception centre in Finland
Ibrahim and Merzad are living in a reception centre. Every day is full of waiting. Every night they dream. A worker brings a letter to Merzad – his application for resident permit has been denied but they will apply again. Merzad hears that his mother has died. Later there is a fire alarm at night due to a molotov´s coctail thrown in.

13.Two camps
There are camps in Central Railway Station square – one to support the refugees, the other to oppose them. Juhani is in the latter, speaking about his fears and expressing also his hate and anger. Merzad has received yet again a negative response to his application. Merzad and Ibrahim don´t know what to do. A police officer comes to get Merzad for deportation.

14 News
A news reporter tells about the forced deportation of Merzad – there is a question if the police acted too hastily as there is another application coming. The refugee center worker is interviewed and he takes a firm stand for Merzad, who is in danger now in Kabul.

15. There he sits and sees the world
Ibrahim sits in a Finnish forest. It is winter. He listens to a voice mail from Merzad. A local man, Timo comes to sit at the camp fire too. The world is quiet and peaceful. There is a star rising at the horizon.